Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Tribute to....

thats right folks, its time for another tribute to one of my favorite things in life: Papa Murphy's Pizza! hooooorrrrraaayyyy!
i must admit, the fact that there is a Papa Murphy's near our new house (at 423 and Eldorado) makes me feel much better about living in the "boonies" as we like to call our neighborhood. Actually we dont really live far from civilization, it just feels far because there are horses near us. Back to pizza. This pizza, the chicken bacon artichoke delite is DELIGHTFUL, and that is an understatement! Its just a great mixture of healthy and delicious, and ready when you are. AND-- thanks to Alexander we now have a replacement pizza cutter for the one that was broken in the move, please tell me how of all things the pizza cutter gets broken in the move, not mirrors or furniture or dishes, the pizza cutter??? oh well, so.... raise your glasses and toast with me: to papa murphys pizza, the ever convenient, always delicious, one of a kind creator of my all time favorite pizza, cheers to you!

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