Friday, January 15, 2010

who says you cant decorate the laundry room?

i decided that not only will i paint the laundry room bright "tiffany's blue" i shall also make it fun and festive with awesome decorations! I made this collage with all shades of blue, and an assortment of blue items, very fun. the tassel has tiffany's blue strands in it as well, they show up better in person. Monica gave me the super adorable "all because two people fell in love" hanging plaque (its from Hodgepodge, love love love Hodgepodge) and the super cool round contraption is actually a plate charger, found it on clearance at Target a long time ago... finally found a place for it! And, last but not least.... a picture of daddy and me! I realize that you all are not blind, and dont need a play by play description, but every item has a story, and i've got nothing but time, so you will hear my stories!!! Ta-Da, the decorating of the laundry room has begun.... off to a good start, i think!

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