Thursday, March 3, 2011

artsy fartsy

my goal over the next 2 weeks is to turn our upstairs "media/storage" room into a super fabulous-inspiring-fun to be in- bohemian chic- craft room!!!


the room is going to be grey, so as to stay neutral in case the next owners of this home want to use upstairs as the media room... but i plan to splash everything else in as many colors as i can find. i just want it to be a happy place to create lovely things! here are some pics i like:

on second thought maybe the room should be a bright color,
i can always re-paint, right?

i'm also collecting these
(for glitter, sequins, buttons, and such)
salt and pepper shakers for glitter,
tres tres chic :)

i tend to put fashion before function in most things i do, so my goal is to actually make this room super organized and everything have an orderly place... while still making it cute, but function first.
i think...

i'll let you all know how it turns out,
happy thursday!


  1. Yay I cant wait to see pictures! And Im totally jealous that your getting a craft room! I have a craft closet hah!

  2. i want some glitter salt shakers! :) loooove your ideas, pink one!