Monday, March 28, 2011

i heart NY, i hate packing

we are leaving for NYC soon.
which means,
i have to pack.


packing for me consists of a few things:
1. me making a list of what i think i will wear each day
(thank you, ocd)
2. me sitting in my closet and using phrases like
"i have nothing to wear to ___________"
"i have no clothes" --while surrounded with piles of clothing

3. becoming completely overwhelmed and resorting to doing other household things, like doing the dishes or painting walls.

also, i'm restricted to ONE large suitcase, and one carry-on,
when what i really need to pack in is this
but, none of you lovely readers need to worry because
i purchased this cute hat a few months ago
so i'll be totally ready to rock this look:
(phew! i know each of you sighed with relief)

and, luckily the weather is expected to be very chilly
so i'll be wearing these
instead of these
much more comfy!

and then, i have to plan each outfit with just a bit of pizzazz
just in case i bump in to
love me some SATC

basically i need to pack
i'm avoiding it.

happy monday
(or tuesday if you're reading this tomorrow)


  1. Good luck packing! We camp for 9 days through the summer and it takes me forever to pack. This year we have the new baby (8 months old) and I know I will be taking EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink LOL

  2. have so much fun!!! ahh NYC in the spring is incredible...get those walking boots out!! and make sure to eat lots of greta treats!!

  3. I do the whole, "I have nothing to wear!" almost every morning! I totally understand! I'm sure you'll look fabulous! SATC style fabulous in that hat! :)

    Cori @ ILoveLucyJean.com

  4. Have fun chica..can't wait to see pictures when you get back!