Sunday, April 10, 2011

NYC Re-Cap

phew, i feel like life has been blowing by nonstop...

oh wait... it has.

i'm finally getting 5 minutes to sit down and blog a bit (the crazy busy schedule is exhausting, but its so full of wonderful things i hate to complain, although i miss getting downtime with friends- soon enough it'll get back to normal) ----back to blogging,

here is a quick re-cap of our anniversary trip:
we stayed on Wall St. so we walked by the stock exchange every day

ground zero

this is us in time square, on the jumbo-tron
if you cut the picture in half "hot dog style"
we are on the right side,
just under where the "fold" would be,
 we look like a blurr
see us? haha

empire state bldg

chocolate at teusher.
best. chocolate. ever.

us in central park

so, we walked by this garden...
me: "hey that looks like the garden where
Miranda and Steve got married, how cool is that"
husband: "who got married?"
me: "miranda and steve, you know... sex and the city"
husband: "yeah, no i dont know them"
me: "okay, well they pick this garden in this episode cause they like how not traditional or cliche it is, but how its still got a romantic feel"
husband: "ok"
me: " ooooooooohh, look a tour bus, it really is the garden and i found it!!!!!!"
husband: "yep"

i think he was way thankful i didnt want to do the SATC bus tour, but being the sweetie pie he is, he did totally offer to take me if i wanted.

us in Washington Square Park

pizza @ Lombardi's

lady liberty

us on Liberty Island, the view of
the city behind us!

lunch @ Carnegie Deli
(outstanding btw, huge yummy sandwiches)

The Met

The House of Blue Leaves
starring: Ben Stiller
(my review: well, whoever said it was a comedy has a really twisted sense of humor, it was not funny, it was actually kind of depressing.... but getting to actually see Ben Stiller... way cool)
my fab dress for the theater
(we were by far the most overdressed people there,
apparently broadway shows got casual, boo)
lunch and frozen hot chocolate
at Serendipity!!!

amazing dinner at Benjamin's Steakhouse

i guess i was tired of looking so short next to drew all the time,
so i borrowed the steps at Benjamin's to snap a picture!

--and i dont have a single picture of it, but we ate the most amazing delicious chinese food at Joe Shanghai in Chinatown. rocked. my. face. off.
seriously, if you go to ny-- go there.
its cash only, and you'll prob wait in line for an hour since the place got a bizillion zagots and its teeny-tiny, but its 100% worth it-- and you wont be disappointed. i'm hungry just typing this!

so, it was a fun week, exhausting with all the walking--
but the food was amazing and we had a great time together!
happy monday!


  1. Love the jacket your wearing at the empire state building!

  2. It looks like a GREAT time! I'm jealous! :) And, frozen hot chocolate sounds amazing!

    Cori @ www.ILoveLucyJean.com