Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hidden valley

so this past weekend, we went to the ranch

(haha-this is me laughing at my own joke cause instead of naming this blog post "we went to the ranch" i called it "hidden valley" --you know, like the salad dressing.... okay, seriously... i'm fired from making stupid jokes)

and, i just gave myself the lamesauce award. the purpose of this visit to the ranch: nana and papa's 65th wedding anniversary party, (hubby's grandparents) which was super lovely and they were surrounded by loads of people that love them! they are the cutest ever and such a great example of marriage, keeping their relationship centered in Christ, and always facing the good/bad times in life together -- they are so sweet and supportive of our family and i'm so lucky to just know them!

so, i'll just give you all some pictures so maybe you'll forget my lame title.
here is our little fam
(and my cowgirl boots totally have stiletto heels)

close up of us

and, this bundle was quite a hit,
she is such a precious baby
i couldn't resist a picture with her!
me and little miss Lily Rose
(i cant stand how cute she is, its almost illegal)

somehow or another i managed to not get a single picture of nana and papa all weekend, so i'll just leave you all with the one piece of advice they always give us
"never go to bed angry at each other"
happy wednesday!

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  1. I laughed at your title and I so knew where you were going with it! Does that mean I get a lamesauce award? haha Looks like y'all had fun!