Thursday, April 14, 2011

if i could sing or play an instrument

i would sing/play Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to some super wonderful people, but i dont sing in public (except at church--and only so no one can hear me, i'm no mariah carrey) and well... instruments, also not my thing. i'm even terrible at guitar hero. fail. so.... i'll just write you all a lovely blog post to say they "happy's"

First, Happy Anniversary to my parents -- woohoo 32 years!
(we got married just a few days apart, and on their 30th anniversary, so we will always have our big ones together-- which hopefully means some trips!--napa for the 5 and 35???)
how cute are they!
who would have ever though a preacher's kid and a hippy would end up together--it works!
who was whom do you ask?
well, lets just say daddy had long hair/beard and wore overalls
and mama,
dont let the preacher's kid thing fool you -- she is plenty of fun

daddy was 31 and mama was 22 when they got married,
they've moved around some,
making friends and making memories along the way
and then,
on their 3rd anniversary...
comes this monkey!
no, not me,  him
(and the beard was not authorized by me,
 since i'm his stylist and sister, which gives me an automatic opinion,
but sometimes they dont listen. sheesh! )

Happy 29th Birthday Alexander
my brother has such a sweet heart,
he is a great artist, very athletic, he loves the Lord,
and guess what ladies...
he is SINGLE!!!
haha, okay i'm not really trying to pimp my
brother out via blog post,
 but i mean, if you're interested...

they say: your kids always turn out different,
and well...
my brother and i couldnt be more different.
(dark hair, blondish hair, athletic... and not so into sports,
hates to travel, loves to travel, super nice... and a little sassy)
but-- he has so many qualities that i should strive to be better at, and
we have learned a lot from each other.

He was always a great big brother, and even let me tag along with him growing up!
I'm pretty excited he is moving closer to me in a couple months!!!
Happy Birthday to you Alexander!

and speaking of siblings:
for Drew's sister
this weekend is
(wedding weekend)
Mr and Mrs Adcock
-we are so happy for Allison and Bryan and are so looking forward to sharing such a special time with them, marriage is such a blessing, huh! -

happy (early) weekend

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  1. Happy Birthday/anniversary! Both are amazing things to celebrate :)