Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Lily Rose!

This post is forever late, but I was waiting until i had a picture of both Drew and me holding baby lily-- so better late than never!

She is here! and she is beautiful :)
she is the teensy-tiniest little pink thing,
and she spit up while i was holding her
--not a drop on me--
a girl after my own heart!!!

i didnt get a picture of our first meeting,
but i did grab one of her super thrilled
mommy and daddy
(mom looks fabulous btw)
The precious family!!!
big sis Sophia was at school,
but i'm pretty sure she is loving her new baby sis!

drew holding sweet lily

big sis sophia was there on this visit!!!

and one of Lily and me in our matching outfits :)
she is just about the most precious thing ever!

cant wait to see her again!!!
congrats to Jenn and Brady on such a beautiful baby girl,
we adore her!
happy thursday!

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