Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a tribue to...

yes yes, its been a while since i've given snaps to something.

here we go:

i'm a bit of a laundry fanatic, i like it done my way and pretty much only my way. i sort it meticulously, i remove it from the washer asap and only fold clothes that are fresh from the dryer, even if they have to fluff a couple times. i get it, i'm weird. it is what it is.

i've always been a pretty loyal Downy Ball user, cause well... if fabric wasn't soft then it would be paper, right? love me some fabric softener!!!
now, maybe its wrong...
i've been cheating.

i've started using these lovely crystals
i mean, seriously...
you put the stuff just right in there.

---no hunting for the little blue ball at the end of the cycle,
---no sitting around wondering how long the
thing is in there before it releases the softener
(okay, no,
i really dont sit around wondering about that)
---its just that easy.

i'm pretty much sold.
sorry downy.

maybe someday i'll be doing
my laundry in this laundry room

happy thursday!


  1. Hmm...never tried the crystals. Thanks for the tip. I will pick some up next time I'm out :) I too drool at that laundry room!!