Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hershey's syrup curtains

back before swofford family vacation, my sweet mama came to visit and help me sew kitchen curtains. okay, well i mostly kept her company, and she did an awesome job. here is our kitchen before we bought the house, previous owners table/decor.
and, here is what we see now!

arent they gorgeous?!?
they look yummy like chocolate syrup :)
I just LOVE them, we picked the fabric over spring break this year (love Childress fabric store: locations in Frisco & Addison if you're fabric hunting)

how did we do this you may ask?
1. secret mama talent- the woman knows everything!
2. call for reinforcements
i was lucky to have my sweet friends Jennifer and Jordan come over and help sew loops on the back of the curtains (you use the loops to gather from behind, thus creating the "balloon" effect-- each curtain had 36 loops, so 108 loops total. it was quite hysterical, but i think we ended up really having fun) Thank you girls for all your help, i owe you both big time!
i am so thrilled with them, i think they made a huge difference in the room.
thank you again mama, you're the best!


  1. Love them!! They look so great all finished and hanging up! That Holly Jo sure is talented! :)

  2. Mommas are just the best -- they look fabulous!!!

  3. I LOVE THEM!!! And I love me some Holly Jo!!! Do you remember the lady bug that you painted on Halle Caroline's wall when your momma painted her room before she was born? I loved that room.... :)

  4. I love your curtains!! I've been looking for some like that recently! Maybe I should call your mom! Haha!

  5. Great Job! They make the room seem so prim and proper!