Monday, June 21, 2010

daddy day

happy late father's day to my daddy (GB) and my sweet father-in-law (Duane)-- you both are wonderful men! ... and to Coach Tchoupitoulas, who is a daddy too (bet you didnt know that...ha)
drew and i enjoyed so much getting to spend time and celebrate our dads!

Here is Alexander, kitty, Daddy, and me on Father's Day!
(kitty is new at my parents house! how cute!!!)

yummy father's day lunch!
Menu: ribeyes, mashed potatoes, cream corn, and spinach strawberry salad
mmm mmm, good!

the scoop:
yes, coach had "a relationship" with a lady dane, and they... well, you know. anyway, puppies happened.

apparently this broad was not a fit mother, because she started eating (how awful is that?) her puppies, and my sweetie pie coach got one away from her and protected him in a corner. he never let her near the puppy and i'm sure was just the best great dane daddy there ever was. his previous owner had to bottle feed the puppy till he could eat puppy food, cause mom wouldnt nurse.
--anyhoo, long story short, when we adopted coach, the family that had him had to give away the female, the baby dane, and our man all in the same day. he was a marine, and his family was moving into government housing while he was gone to the middle east, no pets allowed. how sad to give up so much, we feel truly blessed to have our sweet coach.
Coach was treated to leftover ribeyes, which my daddy gave him on a china plate (mama was a bit horrified, i mean, its Lenox?!?)

Father's Day Lunch, Drew & Coach

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