Monday, June 7, 2010

two cute!

here is drew with Addison (L) and Audrey (R) when they were just a month old, so cute! Then, here he is with them at 14 months, Audrey (L) and Addison (R)
our sweetie pie goddaughters (and their parents, kim & adam) came to visit us over memorial day weekend. my goodness how they have grown!
here is Audrey with her yummy cheesecake, it was the girls first visit to The Cheesecake Factory!
i think they like cheesecake!
and a little ride on the merry-go-round

and some pool time, Addison is in the blue polka dots suit, and Audrey in the pink! Arent they adorable?!?
and of course, presents...
i found them these darling pink puff bows, and cute sundresses!!! Addison wanted to hold the bow, Audrey was into wearing it... you never can tell with kiddos!
we love our goddaughers!

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