Friday, June 18, 2010

place your bets

hey hey! yesterday we spent the day at the horse races! the weather was gorgeous, the horses were beautiful, the races were fun, and there was concession stand food (oh how i love me a hot dog) all in all, great day!
that horse behind the #2 horse... #3, who is acting a bit fiesty and causing a ruckus, well he was my pick. everyone thought i was wrong, but guess who came in 2nd place? yep... #3.
-- i know i know, 2nd place is just the FIRST loser,
but, still....
i thought he did great and i liked him.

is there some kind of trick that when you put money on a horse then it knows to scratch? kinda felt like that after the first race :( oh well, it was a blast and i got a hot dog and a frito pie! woohoo!
happy friday to everyone!

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