Monday, June 14, 2010

"is THAT what you're wearing?"

since saturday, drew & i have been on a family vacation to Ruidoso, NM with drew's fam... anyhoo, we decided this fine monday evening to go play putt-putt and ride some go-karts... so i get changed and walk out to leave and "little dude - landon" says to me with horror and disgust "is THAT what you're wearing?" --- my jaw drops?!? bless his little heart, even when he is being mean he is a cutie petutie! lol, everyone else thought it was very funny, i guess the little guy was disturbed by me wearing a long sleeved shirt.... hey, it gets chilly at night here???

i recovered, and we all played a little mini-golf. we ended up not keeping score after a while, so i vote that i won. and since this is my blog and no one is here to argue with me, all of you lovely peeps will just have to take my word for it. haaaaaa!
Jason & Lisa
Duane & Betty

Landon (aka- mr. what-not-to-wear)
yep, that outfit is downright disturbing.

look how cute hubby is, he was much better than me!

hope everyone is having a lovely week! go-kart pics coming soon :)

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