Wednesday, June 30, 2010


yes yes, friends... last night was the premier of eclipse, and our friend julie had two extra tickets to the 3 part premier (twilight, new moon, and eclipse) so, jordan and i happily agreed to join the madness!

**i'd like to let everyone know that yes, i have read the twilight books. yes, i enjoyed them. am i a twi-hard? (as E! calls twilight fans) ... no, not really. no hate to those of you who adore all that is "twilight" -- i just enjoy twilight simply as books and movies... rather than an obsession. i'm not team edward or team jacob... i'm actually Team Andrew-- cause my sweet husband is way more awesome than either of them, and ta-da he is not a vampire or a wolf... always a bonus. **

all that said, when the girls in our group busted out some stickers... i just had to go all out. all the other ladies took one sticker, and i wanted 4... i mean, come on... i had to out-twi the twi-hards!!!
Julie, myself & my stickers, and Jordan

eventually i narrowed the sticker collection down to just one,
i made some 9-year-olds very jealous
with my awesome collection of twilight paraphernalia :)

Jordan and I poked fun and laughed at how seriously everyone was taking these movies, but it was still fun. not gonna lie, eclipse didn't premier till midnight, so getting home at 3am after dropping everyone off was something i've not done in quite some time! haha... if only the stickers could make me younger!!!

props to the movie people,
the movies get better each time,
the acting......... no comment.
my favorite characters: Alice & Charlie
oh, and i way love Dakota Fanning as a vampire, she's super adorable!

i really think the greatest part of the whole night was how many poor guys got stuck participating in the Twilight-ness! brave souls. i have a feeling that the guy with the pink mowhawk was there willingly and enthusiastically! good times people, good times!


  1. I love Charlie too!

  2. I'm going tonight! I'm excited!

  3. Haha, you are weird. No way in hell I'd see a movie at midnight, I'd rather bite my arm off, or something equally as painful.

  4. I would have fallen asleep at a midnight showing! last time I did that, we saw King Kong, and I woke up just in time for the ending!