Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guest Room Re-Do

warning: do not judge me by the pictures in this post, this room is VERY unfinished, but i wanted to share a little bit of what i was up to today... and show off my pretty new sheets (thanks for the birthday money Betty!!!) it'll all get finished up sooner or later, but here is the start...

here is the before, i LOVE the pink and green,
but i decided its time for something a little more...
well, not necessarily "grown up"-- but perhaps, "chic"
so, i painted a wall black, and then
i made this
its a tutu tuile dust ruffle!!!
it took 25 yards of tuile, but i adore it :)

with my new sheets and the comforter.

and i moved my black/white nightstand
from the other guest room into this one.

luckily i LOVE all that is black and white, so i can buy or paint things and decide depending on my mood which room they will end up in-- here is the other guest room

here is that little nightstand pre-paint
much cuter now, huh!

so, obviously i've got a lot more work to do,
but i'm off to a good start,
i'm really loving the look...
and i hope our future guests feel welcomed and comfortable!!!
happy wednesday!


  1. It looks AWESOME!
    I was just thinking about making a tutu bedskirt for Ellison's room. I need a tutorial! Did I mention that I don't really sew? Her bed is high too, so I have to make something.. I've made tutu halloween witch costumes.... maybe I could do this. Tutorial please! :)

  2. Thats a very creative idea for the bedskirt! :) You are def an art teacher's daughter!! :)

  3. I've never heard of a tulle bedskirt and I'm in LOVE!

  4. I love the sheets! And what bed shouldn't have a tutu?! Love it!

  5. it looks so good! I want to know more about the bedskirt!! Im in love with black and white too!!