Monday, September 20, 2010

McKinney Madness

note to self: next time neighborhood has a community wide yard sale... wake up earlier and carry cash.

our little town threw its every-so-often "haul your crap out to the curb and have other people pay you to take it away" event... which, no lie... i LOVE. judge away people, i am all about garage sales and thrift stores, i love finding random stuff that needs a little charming tlc and becomes a one of a kind piece. our whole home is full of all my lovely finds, maybe its a phase... maybe its not... either way, i'm having a blast and being very budget friendly. cha-ching!!! i'll post pics of some of the cool stuff i retrieved asap!

wait, there's more...

so, some of you in the area may know about 3rd Monday Trade Days in McKinney (a big huge flea market shopping experience consisting of the good, bad, and some very ugly)
yes, friends... in the crazy heat i put my tennis shoes on and trucked out (literally, borrowed husbands truck) to the craziness off the side of the road.

awesome things about TMTD
(third monday trade days)
1- fair food, ugh.... all so disgusting and amazing
2- cheap stuff
3- puppies, really cute little tiny ones with bows
4- walking in the heat burns off all calories from #1
5- people watching
6- booths with lots of fans

not-so-awesome things about TMTD
1- whoever sold those 4th of july throw them down popper things to all the children, seriously... it sounded like a whole little army of 7 year olds was in battle with the ground
2- the really tacky/trashy booths
3- leaving the poor puppies
4- porta*potty (ick)
5- vendors who dont negotiate, hello? do you really want to pack it back up and take it home??? no, make a deal friend.
6- the outrageous heat
7- not being able to eat all the deliciously awful food
8- people selling internet and cell phone plans?!? seriously, its not a mall...
9- carrying your heavy purchases around
10- porta*potties, oh did i say that? still... totally gross!!!!

okay, okay... you're all just wanting to see what i got

a set of 6 gorgeous green glasses for $5.00
i adore beautiful antique glasses!!!

and, my favorite thing i've bought in a LONG time

yay!!! a screen door!!!!
i've been wanting one for a long time and i'm either not willing to pay what the store is asking, or not in a vehicle that can carry the thing... but today, price and timing were totally in my corner. and yes, i accomplished greatness... and amused quite a few people while i carried this door through the flea market to the truck (husband voted himself off the trade days island, so he was not present)
where is this going: no idea
i just wanted it.
i will do something super great with it.

and to really top off the experience,
when driving home... this silver mustang got pulled over by a state trooper,
and this just so happens to be the silver mustang who drives down our alley
its music.
its insane annoying...

did i smile when i saw the officer make the boy get out of his car and stand on the side of the road???  yes... i smiled, and if we are being completely honest ... i chuckled a vindictive chuckle.
its tacky, i know...
but does anyone else just love when the jack-hole of the neighborhood gets in deep trouble with the law, and is finally knocked down a few notches??? ha- haha- ha.

happy monday!


  1. Great finds! I love those glasses ~ and I would have done the same thing if that mustang was blaring music down our street!

  2. Our neighbor constantly rides his dirt bike back and forth in front of our house. Drives Bodie CRAZY!

  3. I wanna go to 3rd Monday Trade Days..i guess that means I would have to have a Monday off :(
    Gosh darnit this whole working thing isn't working with me! haha

    Love the screen door!

  4. I think the time I went to Trade Days was the worst time to go :( There were only cell phone plans and trashy booths! Im determined to go back though because everyone keeps finding the cutest things!