Monday, September 27, 2010


yes, i'm still here... although if blogger was taking attendance i'd definitely drop a letter grade or two. ick. apologies-- life happens. anyway, what have i been up to???

1) working from home rocks... WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER? seriously, i mean... seriously!!! its so relaxing and i'm able to get so much done! maybe i should get a pink salon chair?!?

2) busy busy weekend, husband's boss' were in town so we did some stuff with them, including a trip here

and an authentic oktoberfest party complete with those pictures where you stick your face through the hole, yikes! i'm lame and didnt have my camera during primo photo-op time!

3) husband made me some yummy lemon ricotta pancakes (thank you cheesecake factory for the inspiration)
4) done some thrifting and decoration,
pictures coming soon!!!

and 5) bought a super comfy new Tech shirt at Old Navy
LOVE it!!!
but, i couldnt find a pic yet on their website, so i'll share this also-oh-so-cute texas tech carpeting which is not quite as cozy as my new shirt, but still very adorable!!!

6) and we have a new show...
{drumroll please}
Boardwalk Empire
on HBO
so far, its great!

7) and The Event
we are two episodes in and its still quite confusing, but sticking with it

and i've decided to be super-cool
and watch DWTS

not gonna lie, i've never really gotten into it, but i watched last week and i really enjoyed it. so i dvr'd tonights episode to watch tomorrow!
my favorite (so far)
Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey
there is SO much personality!!!

happy monday, sry to be so MIA.
i'll work on getting my attendance up!


  1. I saw a commercial for the event and it looks good but I'm afraid I will be too lost if I start now! Glad you are back!

  2. OK so we're on the same boat with the new shows... we are already obsessed with Boardwalk Empire and The Event is shaping up to be very interesting, too!!

  3. I just started watching DWTS and Im hooked! AND I need a hair stylist...how convenient that you are right in my neighborhood! I need to make an appt soon if your taking new clients!

  4. Kyle is one of my top three as well. They just look like they are having fun.

  5. HBO never lets me down, but I just couldn't get excited about Boardwalk Empire...granted I'd only seen previews/commercials for it. Good thing for On Demand...I can join the party later. ☺