Sunday, September 19, 2010

labor day ... better late than never

here is the super quick re-cap
 of our labor day weekend.
{yes, i know ... it was like a month ago}

1) got to see this little man and how huge he is now, cutie pie Elliot thought he was so sneaky playing with Coach's tail

Coach was tolerant,
but after a while Elliot got used to him being around,
and lost interest

2) got to eat here

mmmmm! chicken a la mer

3) visited mama at her school
(she's an art teacher)

4) visited Alexander (brother) at his school
he's a PE coach

5) did a little thrifting...
found some super cool stuff :)

6) got to LOVE on baby charlotte kate williams

she's such a cutie pie, and had a darling bedroom!!!

7) had family birthday party
{no picture, sorry -- all on mama's camera}
Thank you mama & daddy
 for a super yummy birthday dinner,
and all the fabulous presents!!!

8) went to the Llano Winery with W, DA, and Abbye
for a tour and tasting :)

useless fact: Llano Winery doesn't even use the grapes they grow on the property, they are just for testing organic growing techniques.

9) of course, Texas Tech Football
here we are about to leave for the game

Coach didnt cooperate too well

10) then to Raider Walk

this is a new tradition, it was really cool
Coach T and the fb team walk through the crowd to the stadium

**Guns Up** Coach Tuberville!!!

Abbye and I at the Frasier Alumni Pavillion

11) Game Time!!!

Red out the Jones
Tech v. SMU
{yes, we WON}
thanks again for the tickets J & L,
yall are wonderful to let us tag along

12) got to hang out with these two awesome people
and last but not least
{again, no picture... i'm a loser}
there really is just nothing better than papaswoff breakfast!

Loved being home and getting to see everyone,
sorry this post is so late!
happy sunday.

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