Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

well, lots been going on and i'm a bit behind, but i promise to update soon. i've been overwhelmed with a famiy emergency-- i'll share more details after i've been rested and had some time to process.

its 9-11, which means many different things. one of which is my 25th birthday
yep, the big 2-5!!!

i kept telling myself i was stopping at 24, but at my "birthday dinner" tonight with drew we ended up being seated next to a high school couple, and listening in on their convo made me realize there are worse things than being 25, like being 17...
 ick, they were awful to listen to. i can embrace my seasoned age with acquired wisdom, and hope for a bright future with style and grace... and, i'm still young and fun.
not to mention that husband and i didn't have to talk about our classes/teachers or who texted bad things about whoever else, phew... 25 is looking quite appealing, after a dose of perspective!

so, here we go world.
i've had 25 years so far, and i plan to make the next 25 just as wonderful and exciting as they can be. i chose to embrace the future and live a life with the attitude of
"blessed, not entitled"
i hope and pray that i can keep this mindset, even when i have spells of "feeling old and not fun anymore" but i think there are so many great things to look forward to and peace in the long list of things and times most of us would never return to, even if someone paid us.

so, future...
you're looking bright and full of opportunity.
happy birthday to me,
and i'm thankful for each and every blessing in my life,
including things as simple as blogging!

my prayers and thoughts are with those who were so personally effected by 9-11 and all of us who continue to remember the many who sacrifice for our country. my heart breaks for all the families who are honoring their loved ones, and the valour and bravery of so many that are true heroes.
i wish everyone a wonderful weekend.