Monday, September 20, 2010

the greatness of $5.00 purchases

so, as promised here are the pics of my garage sale finds (literally, i only spent 20 minutes running frantically to as many sales as i could till i was insane late to work-- so i'm 100% positive that there were many more things out there that i was supposed to find, but sadly, i did not... next time, friends, next time)

this lamp, which i thought was pretty...
was also FREE.
it was one of those "either take it or it goes to goodwill" sales, which i love...
i also got a book
"the 5 people you meet in heaven"
{no picture}
and a yellow antique pitcher
-in the dishwasher, no picture either-

this little lovely was only $5.00

she will be repainted and hung somewhere in our house

and i saw this for only $5.00 and totally called it.
my cousin Jenn has one that i'm refinishing for her,
and i LOVE it-- so now i have one too!!!!

and this bookshelf, again $5.00

now, you may ask what i did with this bookshelf,
i'll show you


and, for some big news:
the reason i re-did this bookshelf,


after a few discussions, and a brave moment of truth
i've decided that i want to work from home,
and be able to pursue some other hobbies!
(furniture re-finishing, artwork, and antiques)

so, this enchanting little bookshelf is now the home for all my haircolor and supplies, so that our 2nd guest room can be transformed into a "salon" for me to work in :) i'm excited!

the closet now has all my color/combs/foil/etc..
easily accessible and organized

and in case you're wondering, this closet is also home to my artwork until they are sold on either my etsy site, or hopefully soon a booth/boutique somewhere! :) i'm thinking this is a great change that will allow me to do more of what i love doing, and still get to have my dream job (doing hair!)

 its time for me to get creative
and try some new stuff,
and have a salon at home... feeling blessed! :)

*thank you drew for being so supportive and encouraging about me branching out and exploring some new options for my hobbies, and letting our house get even more girlie with all my hair stuff, you're the best*
happy tuesday!


  1. How exciting! I'll have to check out your etsy shop. I keep trying to talk myself into opening one but I'm not sure...

  2. So exciting! You got some really great deals. I can't wait to hear about how much you love working from home!

  3. Yay! Very exciting! Good luck with everything! By the way, I love the bookshelf!