Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

normally i nickname valentine's day "the pinkest holiday of the year, EXCEPT my birthday" --because well, i adore all that is pink, therefor birthday month is filled with all that i adore.

{andrew and i spent the week in south texas with my aunt and uncle... it was mentally and physically exhausting, and i'm still just at a loss of words for how to describe what is going on, so-- please keep my family in your prayers. my darling aunt is battling breast cancer, and while in the hospital their home flooded due to the excessive rain. its overwhelming in every way --we did as much as we could, but they lost many things. even though things are replaceable, often things that hold sentimental memories are not, and its truly heartbreaking}

so, we returned home on friday afternoon and drew took me to an amazing birthday dinner friday night at Maguires (its one of our favs) --i cant begin to explain how delicious this meal was, really Maguires hit it out of the park, and is very much on the reasonable side of pricing as far as nice restaurants go! i highly recommend going if you are in the dallas area!
us before dinner

thank you mr. valet guy for taking our picture!

appetizer: grilled artichoke
my delicious dinner
(filet with bleu cheese butter, crab cake, cream corn, and asparagus)

and drew's yummy ribeye

everything was so lovely,
drew had written me a sweet 4 page note about how much i meant to him, it was so thoughtful and he always seems to say just the right thing.
he is giving me a shopping spree for my birthday present!
{and some *juicy* jackets for fall, and a facial}
thank you for such a fantastic birthday dinner drew!!!

then, after a good nights sleep back in our own home, we woke up and drew took me for a mani/pedi-- i felt so pampered, and drew even got a pedi too!
{no picture here, i forgot to ask}

Drew had to spend the rest of the day at the church prep-ing meat for a big tailgate our church put on. He and all the other menfolk from our sunday school class spend the night at the church out with a big smoker, and playing video games in the youth lounge.

meanwhile, all the girls from sunday school had
planned to hang out over at Jennifer's house,
when i got there, it was a very
PINK birthday party for me!!!
they had pink champagne, pink lemonade, pink popcorn, red-velvet cupcakes with pink creamcheese icing, and lots of other yummy snacks... it was absolutely the sweetest thing ever.

i have sensational friends, thank you all :)
Jennifer, Jordan, *me*, Sara, and Allison

Jordan, Sara, and I all showed up in hot pink :)
thank you Jennifer and Jordan for throwing together such a beautiful birthday party on such short notice, it was truly a much needed relaxing ending after a week of such chaos.
you girls are too sweet!

labor day weekend post coming soon, i'm way behind.


  1. oh my gosh I will be praying for your aunt!!! Love your birthday pics! I will have to try that restaurant! What church do yall go to? We have been searching around here for a new church.

  2. Praying for your aunt & uncle!

    Sounds like a great birthday! I just love surprises like that! Hope it was a great one!

  3. Ok-LOVE the pink handband/bow! As you can tell from my pic, I am SUCH a fan of them and all my friends think I'm nuts! They are SO cute and add SO much to an outfit! Happy Birthday, by the way! What great friends!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderfully pink birthday! I've been thinking about and praying for your family! Keep me updated!