Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BiRtHdAy MoNtH

waaaahhhhhhhhhooooooo! its almost midnight, which means tomorrow is sept 1 (or today, depending on when you read this) and most of you dont know, that my birthday is 9-11, which is really not the best of days to be celebrating yourself. SO, my solution is to celebrate birthday MONTH! yep. the whole month. its fabulous.

previous birthday re-cap:

my 21st birthday, mama told me she was taking me on a trip, but wouldn't tell me where. on my birthday she gave me a box full of puzzle pieces, and when i put them together, i discovered my destination :)
woohoo, Cancun!!!

we had a blast!

22nd Birthday-- i got beautiful blue topaz earrings that matched the ring i picked in cancun, and the necklace mama and daddy surprised me with for cosmetology school graduation.
(sry, couldnt find a pic)

23rd birthday... dinner with the family
the next day,
andrew proposed.

he did it when i least expected it :)

he did a wonderful job ;)

24th Birthday
Andrew gave me a cruise!!!
woohoo, a mother daughter trip
with DeeAnn and Abbye!

what a memorable trip!

this one is just for kicks,
we actually cruised through a hurricane.
we only wore our swimsuits for 30 minutes!
oh well, it was a blast anyway!!!

and for the big 2-5

sweet hubby started birthday month EARLY!
yes, EaRLy!!!

yesterday i came home to this

flowers, a card, magazine, and my fav chapstick!!!
isnt he wonderful :)
i LOVE these,
he picked so well

even though 25 is quite disturbing to me, i still feel so young,
i think its going to be a great year!
birthday month is always full of little sweet presents,
and LOTS of pink!!!

so, if you're looking for an excuse to get yourself a cupcake today,
go ahead and join the birthday month celebration...
its no fun to celebrate alone.
cheers to birthdays!!!


  1. Happy Birthday month!! I celebrate all month long too!! He is so sweet with that surprise when you came home...I am showing my husband so maybe he can do that to start my birth month in December!!


  2. You totally score when it comes to BD's! My Pops always tries to pull the BD month thing too...always makes me laugh!

  3. Happy Early Birthday!! Hope he keeps this up for the next eleven days... hahaha

  4. Is that Burt's Bees chapstick? Totally my fave. I love it in pomegranate.

    Happy birthday month, Jacquelyn!