Sunday, August 1, 2010

did you know?

so, after making my lemonade pie, i realized that i have some pretty insane information sitting in my freezer, just waiting to be shared with everyone....

L-R: paintbrushes, turkey, almond ice cream
i know, right!

so, here's the scoop (hahaa, scoop, get it...
ice cream.... lame. dont hate)
i bought this gallon of black oil based, high gloss paint
and needless to say, its been well used
i've painted our kitchen cabinets
and after
and the guest bathroom cabinets
and our master bathroom cabinets
(pretty much same before pic as other cabinets)
and the stair banister
and my desk
and my grandmother's antique chest of drawers
and a few other things here and there,
what you should know
is that instead of washing out
brushes between each use,
you can pop them in the freezer!?!
hello, life made easier!

then, when you're ready to paint again, just take them out, give them a couple minutes to thaw out, and you're ready to go!!! its much less complicated than having to wash brushes out with paint thinner (for oil based paint) after every single use. obviously, if you want to change colors, you'd have to buy a new brush or wash one... but if you plan to paint lots of things one color
(like touching up woodwork, or molding)
... you're in business.

so, after you finish your next project,
wrap that brush up in foil, and pop it
right into the freezer!
happy sunday!


  1. THAT IS THE BEST TIP EVER!!! who knew! can you do it for latex paints too?

  2. Did your art teacher mother tell you that tip? :) hehe.... :) I must admit as an art teacher myself, I never knew that one!

  3. Jacq! You are a genius! I LOVE everything you've done with your house. I might need you to come over here, and help me figure out what all I can do to fix up my house. I'm not good with decorating or seeing things that I could change just with paint. You are so creative!!

  4. we always freeze ours too! Ive been debating painting all of our cabinets black and now I think you just made up my mind for me :)