Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Matthew is HERE!!!!

i'm back (sorta) the virus isnt fixed yet, mostly because i havent taken it to be fixed yet, procrastinate much? haha, as much as i've missed being connected and especially blogging... its been nice to spend WAY more time hanging with drew and reading. hopefully i'll be fully back in business soon, but for now... lets all marvel a bit at one of God's perfect little creations. Matthew Aaron Tritz!

He came home from the hospital decked out in all Texas Tech!!!
Born: Aug 19, 2010
6lbs 7oz
18 inches

isnt he a darling?!?
poor little trooper, he came about a month early, so little guy is having some problems, but we are very hopeful and continue to pray for nothing but the very best dr's and treatment for little matthew. mom (jennifer) was in labor for 27 hours, ouch! i'm sure she thinks every second was worth it when she met this little prince, and he has a FULL head of hair, its the cutest ever!

drew and i got to visit the little peanut (as i call him) and hang with his mom and dad at the hospital when he was just 5 days old. thankfully, the peanut is back home and doing well... but i want to hold him more!!!

after much convincing, drew agreed to hold the little man
drew claims "they're breakable" and rarely holds babies,
but how could you resist this one???

we are so excited to meet you little Matthew!!!

i loved holding the peanut,
and ooohing -and- aahing about his hair, LOL
at 5 days old he was 6lbs 1oz
and just as sweet and teensie as can be!

prayers to the Tritz family as they adjust to life with a new little miracle, and continue on with getting Matthew everything he needs. We cant wait to love on him asap!!!
happy monday


  1. Your website is just beautiful! I had no idea you had a baby! Congratultions! We are pregnant with our first due in February! Its such a fun and exciting time for us both! Keep in touch!
    -Erin Burgess