Tuesday, August 3, 2010

take me out to the ballgame

last tuesday night Coach Tuberville (we are Texas Tech people) was throwing the first pitch at the Ranger's game. so, of course, drew HAD to get tickets!

we ended up getting stuck in traffic and missed the first pitch, which was a bummer... but the game was great. i much prefer baseball in person rather than on tv.

it was either cut off drew's head, or
the top of my dress...
obviously i wouldnt go naked to a baseball game,
but still....
it was a cute dress,
i should have gotten a better pic of us, sorry friends.
for those who care
i took a picture of the game
i even learned a few of the players names,
but honestly i really like
Frisco Roughriders games much better
(way less traffic)

it was a fun date night!
and the Rangers won--always a +

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