Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bagels arent just for breakfast

so, its summer... and thick heavy meals are just not what i'm interested in for now.... but i got awfully tired of eating sandwiches. i mean, its the same thing every day.... wheat bread, miracle whip, dijon mustard, turkey, swiss cheese, pickle, chips. delicious, but.... i NEED a change.
 and then, it came to me.....
throw it on a bagel :)
oh happy day!
to really spice things up, i switched to provolone cheese
and added genoa salami and pepperoni too!
even husband is thrilled with my new sandwich idea

and i'm totally not gonna lie, after i took this picture i gave myself another pickle. i thought two pickles made me look like a porker, but i always eat two. dont hate.

hope the bagel saves someone else
from sandwich monotony too!
happy tuesday!


  1. yummy! I normally have a bagel for breakfast, but your sandwich looks so good I may need to try that instead 1 day! And dont worry: I totally like to eat 2 pickles at a time too!

  2. Aren't bagel sandwiches great? Have you tried Bagel Thins? I eat one every morning with PB. Can't remember the brand, but they are delicious and only 110 calories!