Tuesday, August 31, 2010

top two tuesday

its time for top 2, go link up here if you want to play along!

my top 2 cities
1) Playa Mujeres-- okay, well actually the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres. Its where we went on our honeymoon and it was magnificent. ugh, i wannna gooooooo backkk (sign, tantrum over) the food was great, the service was incredible, it was paradise!
... and the Miile Spa, was so amazing. the hydrotherapy they do with any service is so relaxing.

the spa!

the grand staircase from the lobby to the bar/restaurants

this is literally the color of the water :)
we took the ferry boat over one day to the isle mujeres

it was perfect!

2) Hico, TX
Drew and I stumbled on Hico after a stop in Dublin (for dr pepper cake, of course) and we both just fell in love, its sooooo quaint and charming. the atmosphere is like a cute little old town, and there is a chocolate factory. and the chocolate... insane. if you ever go, get the love potion truffles. mmmmm!

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. I am a fellow newlywed! Just got marrie din April and we honeymooned at the same place! We want to go back so bad. We don't know how we will ever vacation again without it being all inclusive!! New follower!!


  2. okay your honeymoon spot looks amazing! I want to go! That little town sounds so cute! Im going to make hubs take me there next time we head that direction!

  3. We LOVE Excellece at Playa Mujeres! We just booked our trip there for December today!!! I can't wait! It's seriously the best place EVER!!!

  4. Excellence looks amazing! I heard from so many people how fabulous it is. It's on my "go ASAP list". Hopefully next year!