Sunday, August 29, 2010

books books books

i've been on quite the reading kick these past few weeks, which is actually a great thing. i've enjoyed it so much and its helped so much with my bedtime. i'm such a night owl, reading has helped me maintain a much better sleeping schedule.

so, here are some of the books i've read in the past couple weeks...
this one was cute,
and an easy read.

i bought this for my MIL a couple years ago for mother's day,
she let me borrow it,
and i LOVED it.
i literally couldnt put it down,
i read it in 2 and 1/2 days.
its a MUST READ!!!

started this one

but i just couldnt get into it...
i'll try again some other time.

finished last night:

its witty and entertaining!
the characters are full of personality :)  

on the list to buy and read soon:

i hope to read it before i see the movie!
and this one

i hear good things, hope to start it next week!

any other good books you've read that i should pick up???
happy sunday


  1. I'd skip reading eat pray love. I had such a hard time finishing the book! it starts off great, but when she gets to India it totally slows and gets boring! The movie, is BETTER than the book, and I NEVER say that! :) I'm glad you posted these, I need something new to read!

  2. i'd skip eat pray love too. it is the ONLY book i've never finished. i put it down halfway through pray.

    also - loved loved loved the help!

  3. LOVED The Help. And I agree... skip Eat, Love, Pray. I started it {twice} and never finished it. Prob the only book I've never finished.

    {Nope, I take that back... The Poisonwood Bible... didn't finish that one either.}