Monday, August 9, 2010

red truck, blue truck, old truck, new truck

thats right, i said NEW TRUCK! my sweet husband has been so patient, he's needed a new truck for a while now and has tried to just "fix everything" with the red one, rather than make a major purchase... but the time has come, and i'm so happy for him to finally get a brand new truck!
this has been a huge deal, because well...
we are Ford people
and husband bought a "not ford" - Chevy
he loves it & it was a good deal.

bye bye big red :(
i've been freakishly emotional about the red truck being gone, and i have no idea why. i didnt think i'd care so much, but there are so many memories. he had that truck for 8 years... its just so different. i'm sure i'll get over it soon, once i'm used to seeing the new one. he more than deserves it!
the salesman even took a picture for me,
what a great guy.
understanding that i need to document this for the blog, and fb. haha!
(excuse the fact that i'm way overdressed for car shopping, i'd been at our junior league provisional retreat all morning/afternoon)

anyway, woohoo!
ALS-- i'm so thrilled you got yourself something new,
you work so hard and you always put me first,
 thanks for being so patient,
and i'm so happy you're happy!
-- love you --

happy birthday to G
y'all jump over and wish my dear sweet cousin a happy birthday,
i think she's wonderful :)
happy monday!

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  1. That would be great would your mom mind? I am always looking for ideas to make my art room better!!! :) Thanks!