Friday, August 27, 2010

as of late...

my goodness, its been a while.
(stupid computer virus) grrrrrrrr!
what have i been up to lately?
here goes....

had our Junior League Provisional Retreat
here is the 2010-2011 class
i'm on the left side, behind the girl in the pink dress
i'm also in a pink dress. goodluck.

This is Mufasa.
Mufasa is not my favorite, but he belongs to someone who is.

I took a little trip down to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin LIBBY
and met her new kitty, Mufasa.
okay, i lie.
Mufasa grew on me.
I love my Aunt Sherrie to pieces, she was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with breast cancer. I can barely talk about it without getting emotional, and even as i write these words... i'm so overwhelmed with all the many feelings that go along with fighting cancer. excuse my brevity, its just not a topic i can handle for long without completely falling apart, so here is the sweetest lady in the world.

love her.

i helped paint/redecorate a darling 15year olds bedroom
i'll add more pics soon, its precious
i repainted these letters to match the new bedding she got for her birthday, its hot pink and cream zebra print. how perfect is that?

Daddy had a birthday!
isnt this picture so sweet, it was from the day i took my bridals, it was freezing and daddy helped keep me warm while shooting outside.
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

i found these gorgeous chargers at Hobby Lobby!
I literally had a moment, i had to keep myself from running to the check out because i thought they were so fabulous, i bought them in green too. ugh, i get excited just thinking about them.
simple pleasures.

our sunday school class did a mini-tailgate
to promote Fan Day on Sept 12
the guys even busted out washers and tailgate golf,
i was horrible at both.
here are some other couples from the
"newly married, no kids" class

Rustin & Sara

Jim & Jordan

and last but not least
Matthew Aaron Tritz has arrived :)
congrats to new parents
Tommy & Jennifer
(more about baby tritz coming soon)

phew, busy busy.
not to mention reading a ton.
and trying to stay cool
through lots of 100+ degree days.
planning what to do next to the house.
painting for my etsy.
spending time with sweet hubby!

missed blogging, missed reading up on everyone, hope to be back soon!
happy friday!!!

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  1. Hysterical. Mufasa. He's not my favorite but belongs to someone who is. So funny. Glad you're back!!