Thursday, February 16, 2012


so, for valentine's day... hubby was a sweetie pie and surprised me with a new iPhone4 (woohooo!)
i've been eligible for an upgrade since last Feb, but i'm a bit resistant to change, and my previous iPhone was still working just fine (it was the original iPhone circa 2009) until.... well, it became a bit slow. and my bible app quit working because the software was more advanced than my phone--- yikes! so, new phone, new bible app. problemo solved!!!!
she's all fancy and pretty
i'm feeling a little out of my league...
truth be told, i'd still have my pink razor
if it was more functional,
i loved that phone!

anyway, moving along:
what did i get him???
well, i got him a gun for Christmas,
so i got him his CHL and class for Valentines!
(Cconcealed Handgun License)
--for those of you who aren't "gun people"
not an overly romantic gift,
but its practical and its what he wanted :)

what else have i been up to these past few months?
this: painting wedding hangers galore!
aqua + red
classic black + white
champagne + deep red
super fun: pink + green
hot pink + black
ivory + eggplant
(love those little tiny flower girl hangers)
ivory + Tiffany's blue
lavender + white
silver + magenta (for wedding party)
black + magenta (for MOB and MOG)
white + navy
white + nectar
white + gold (for MOB and MOG)
i kinda love the white + gold.... very chic!

sigh, i'm now a "regular" at the post office
but- the hangers are so fun and cute,
and i just love lining them up for pictures at the end!!!
they do take up quite a bit of my free time,
but I adore wedding details- i'm so wishing i had these for my wedding!

anyway, thats some of where i've been
and what i've been doing these past few months!
Hope you all had a fantastic V-day and felt very loved~!
Happy Thursday!

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