Monday, February 13, 2012

i am alive.

hello all.

i'm alive.

i took a little bloggy break, lots going all (we all know about that, dont we) and lots of changes in the swoff-house.... sigh!

i see down there (below) that my last post was in October of 2011, and its now (cough cough) February of 2012..... you might be wondering what in the world i have been doing for the last 5 months?!? well, a lot. i'd go into more detail, but its really pretty boring and i am more of a fun-motivated person, so i'll just stick with something a bit more lively!

tomorrow is one of the pinkest days of the year, which i must admit... I LOVE!!!
not to mention i've got a pretty great valentine, so i'll leave you with some lovely valentine's day related images
am i too old to wear these?
if someone could please explain why these only come in toddler sizes, i'd be much happier.... because i'm sure its just some silly issue-- and they'll be available in my size very soon! #waitingpatientlyuggmakers

what i secretly hope Cupid brings me <3

what i asked Cupid for...
but, please bring the piglet too!!!!

happy monday!


  1. Hope you are doing well!! Love those uggs.

  2. yay!!! i have missed your blogs. :) love the pink scissors!!

  3. so glad you're back!! you were missed :)