Wednesday, September 28, 2011

first impressions

we've been in our house almost 2 years now, and i've been meaning to paint our front door since like... the first time we looked at the house with our realtor.

(no, not our car... neighbors, ugh!!!)
so, we bought a pretty peach/yellow "cape cod" style house
and it had this random light mocha-ish front door and shutters

yay, much better now, right?

a better view of what color the door was

almost finished

love it!!!

add a little Texas Tech wreath
(this was my first wreath-making attempt,
and i'm certainly not quitting my day job,
 but it was fun and i'll do better next time)

an assortment of red and black ribbons,
so-so for try #1 but not necessarily a keeper!

the door and shutters look much better black,
dont you think?
happy wednesday!


  1. love the black doors/shutters!!! :) and the wreath is totally awseome!