Wednesday, September 21, 2011

is E!THS the millenium version of an autobiography?

i mean, right....
why write it when E! will follow you around
and people can see your pics and home videos
on their lovely stalker friendly show THS.

i'm not even bashing, so dont go there...
i love me some THS.


(i'm totally air-high-five'ing all of you who think BF's THS is a great thing) G loves her too, so i know across town somewhere i'm getting that air-five returned!

i think she's absolutely hysterical and i'd so do lunch with her if she wanted to...
(and i'm like 99% sure Bryn will have the funniest personality ever, i mean, right?)

Did anybody else watch the THS: Bethenny Frankel  ????
love it, hate it?

she cracks me up, i dont care if she is on the news or snl-  i get the biggest kick out of her personality. way to go E! you made my wednesday night!!!
cheers, friends- happy wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. You can bet your little butt that I was watching last night. I loved it and her!!!