Monday, September 19, 2011

fall-ing out

i'm not sure why, but i'm really not much into fall...........


how did this happen?
i have no idea, its just not my thing.

i dont really even decorate for it, and if you know me, you know i love to decorate and change things up! so, why not fall? --no idea, i just go straight from summer to wanting Christmas.
it makes me sad though, i go to people's houses and see all their precious fall decorations, and all the adorable pumpkins and i think "i could do this....." but there is no motivation. i just want to put my tree up!

maybe i should just force myself to do it.

maybe i'm missing the "fall" in my dna.

maybe i'm crazy.

sigh, who knows. i want to love fall. i do like the caramel apple spice drinks @ starbucks, but i love wassail at Christmas. i like pumpkins, but i LOVE snowflakes.

 i like turkey and dressing, but i LOVE holiday&Christmas parties.

what i do love about fall--THE CLOTHES:
jeans and boots.

scarves and boots.
hats and boots.

flats and coats.

chic football outfits!
oh how i love some fall style. is that a redeeming quality for those of you that are steaming mad at me for being a fall party pooper??!??
how cute & cozy!!!
sigh, maybe i'll try some fall decor this season... maybe not. who knows.
happy monday!

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  1. Maybe you should force yourself to decorate & force yourself to enjoy all things Fall. Never know, you might love it as much as me :)