Monday, September 12, 2011

twenty six

thats right people, guess who is 26 now!?!

my birthday was 9-11.

but, i never feel its all that appropriate to run around celebrating on a day that caused so many people's lives to be turned upside down. i just feel for those who lost family and friends. needless to say, i felt so blessed to be alive, be an American, and be surrounded by so many people that i love dearly!

where was i on 9-11-01... i was 16, at the dmv, to get my drivers license. the lady doing my eye exam told me there was a plane crash in new york, and that was all she knew. by the time i had driven to school, it had become clear what had happened, and from there is was a somber day.

it still blows my mind that its been 10 years. sigh, so much has happened and so much has changed, but i will never forget!

so, here was 9-11-11

drew's parents did my birthday dinner early, it was delicious, as always, and my sweet father in law picked out adorable princess cupcakes with tiara ring toppers for me (and made me homemade peach ice cream ... oh my that makes me happy!) i was recovering from a cold, so i didnt take any pics, as i looked ill.

but here are a couple from later in the week:
hubby took me to dinner at one of our fav local LBK places

yikes, i look 10 years older!!!

then sunday church, lunch, and i got a cooking lesson from my mama.
i've wanted to learn a family recipe that was passed down from my grandmother, and so for my "birthday dinner" i asked for the lesson to go with it.
woohoo, it turned out great, but i have no pics to prove it!

and sweet mama made me a yummy red velvet cake,
she always tints the frosting pink for me,
but this year she decorated my pretty cake!
isnt it fab!?!

it was a very pink day, and i got to spend it with family!
it doesnt get much better than that,
cheers to birthdays!


  1. happy birthday! I think you can bring the positive light to 9/11 with your birthday! :)

  2. happy HAPPY birthday!!! so glad you had a wonderful birthday :)

    welcome to the 26 club...it's not so bad ;)

  3. Happy 26th Birthday!!! Souns like you had a fantastic day. With peach icecream what could possibly go wrong LOL