Monday, September 26, 2011

home is where the art is

yes, i said that right.

those of you that know us, know we are pretty big Red Raider fans, woohoo Go Tech!!!
and i've got a love for the arts, its in the blood-- from both sides of my family.
so, i figure-- since we dont live in lubbock anymore, i'd bring a little bit of lubbock to our home...

{drumroll please}
this is what you see when you open the garage door to park your car...

i mean, go big or go home...right?

i painted it for husband for his "father's day" present from Coach,
i thought it would be a little happy something
for everyday when he got home from work!

and i really like it too!
Wreck 'Em Tech!!!
happy monday

1 comment:

  1. I love this! (well...not that it's Tech...coming from a UH Cougar) ;) but that it's like "wha-bamm"...in your face!

    ...now if I could only paint...