Sunday, April 4, 2010

hoppy easter

lame, i know. its really not that original, but anyway happy easter from the swoffhouse bunnies (the pink one is me)

and today is our anniversary, we celebrated yesterday, but today is the official day. yay for us, 1 year down 100 to go! i'll post about our anniversary date soon!

we woke up this morning, went to church (which was awesome, we absolutely love our preacher... he's so great) and then ran home to prep things for our big easter lunch over at the miller casa. i have to say, it was sad being away from our families for a holiday-- but we did an awesome job making some very yummy easter lunch. on the menu: bayou burboun brisket, green bean bundles, mashed potatoes, chinese coleslaw, mac & cheese, devilled eggs, and a oh so very fabulous red velvet cake! mmmm! jennifer did an incredible job decorating, we ate on her grandmother's beautiful china. it was a wonderful easter dinner, and the table looked so great...

my oh my how blessed are we? good friends, good food, and celebrating a risen Lord... doesnt get much better than this! in honor of easter, i decided to share one of my favorite easter memories with you all.... back when i was in high school, mama got my brother and i baby chicks for easter! they were so darling, they kinda looked like these little cutie-pies!

sadly, they dont stay cute for long... so, the little chicks (i dont even remember their names anymore) went to live on a farm where they had room to roam. how fun is that though, little baby chicks to play with for a couple weeks? high five mom!!!
thats all i've got for you today, i'm off to spend some time with hubby before i head to lbk tomorrow! no wedding pics today, i'll get back on track soon!


  1. Happy Easter!!! And Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. When my sister and I were little my dad had a patient that worked for Tyson raising chickens, and she sent us three little chicks one spring. They were so cute, but suddenly they weren't so little and they weren't looking quite so yellow and fuzzy. They ran away, and we couldn't catch or find them. I always remember a store in downtown Texarkana called Hopkin's Feen N Seed, and at Easter they would always dye the little chicks pink, purple, orange, blue, and green. We'd always go see them I thought they were the cutest in the whole world.