Thursday, April 8, 2010

our anniversary day date

happy anniversary to us... i know, i'm late on posting pictures! been out of town, see post below!

anyway, after drew's chaotic month at work, i told him i just wanted to hang out ALL day. it may sound weird to you all, but actually getting some time was really important to me. saturday was a beautiful day, perfect 78degrees and light breeze... we went to the zoo! other than the insane number of children, we had a blast! here are my favorite animal pics: (the white alligator, turtles, and flamingos)

and, here are pics of us... well, entertaining

and here we are, sometimes i forget how much taller drew is (i usually have at least 3 inch heels on, but walking around the zoo in heels, no bueno-- i'm short, it is what it is)

after the zoo, we went and got pedicures (love pedi time, its so relaxing) and then went to a yummy dinner at Bob's Steakhouse, mmmmmm lobster bisque & awesome steak! and then, chocolate/amaretto cheesecake for dessert. a fabulous night! here we are outside of Bob's -- its a bit dark, but the best i could do with my iphone. cheers to us!!!

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