Thursday, April 8, 2010

the lbk

my goodness, its been a while. i'm back!!! i went to lubbock on monday to hang out with daddy post surgery (update: he's doing better, taking it easy, and getting lots of rest, thank you all for your prayers)

oh lbk! people sure do like to rag on lubbock, which is sad, because pretty much everyone who is from there, or went to tech loves going back for a visit. its really a pretty great place if you let it grow on you! yes, its flat & there are dirt storms... but its very friendly, easy to get around, and its got some great restaurants (mmm thai pepper) anyway, while i was in lbk i got to see:
mama and daddy, of course. and alexander, fluffy the cat, and coco bird. coco bit me, so i'm not speaking nicely about coco right now. i'll be over it eventually. stupid bird.

and my dear friend/bridesmaid Monica. miss her!

and, sweet friends Jason and Diana. we sure miss them, diana and i were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. they got new floors in their house, look so great! and--they are so incredibly cool they have a letterpress, they do invitations/stationary/business cards/ect... seriously, just a very talented couple.

and my way adorable nephews, and my bro/sister in law. i hate missing out on all the things the boys are up to, they grow so much between visits, i think they're both going to be taller than me by summer. well, not quite... but soon! here we are with the boys last football season, how cute are they!

and, andrew's parents took me out to a yummy lunch at Gardski's (another lubbock place, which is delicious, its an old house they turned into a restaurant, its got some charm) we had a good time catching up, and talking about our super fun family vacation planned for this summer. i believe there is ping-pong in my future!!!

and, my very old school and very cool friend Michael. he just went to vegas, and now... i want to go to vegas, actually... any vacation sounds good right now! i told michael to start reading the blog, so i found a funny picture of him. dear michael, i'm sorry i put up the picture of you in girls sunglasses. its funny to me, but probably not you.

and, i got to see the oh so very sweet robbie probst
(adam's mom, our goddaughters grammy)
she is just a really great person, i just love getting to see her!

all in all, i had a great time home, got to hang out with daddy, see good friends, have good food, and got to teach my brother how to cook a meal. its his "wooing the ladies" meal, so i'll have to hear how it goes when he flies solo. thats all for now, more wedding pics coming soon! happy thursday!

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