Thursday, April 29, 2010


bruschetta is on the dinner menu about once a week at the swoff-house. now that i'm eating onions, its much more enjoyable! i dont really make a very true bruschetta, its kind of the "modified to our tastes" version, and i forgot to take a picture tonight when i made it, so here is one i found elsewhere:

we both got on a big bruschetta kick after M&G's rehearsal dinner, which was delicious! yeah, g is laughing at me right now, because that was over 2 years ago... "yes, i do remember the food at your rehearsal dinner, high five for me"

so, for those of you about to fall out of your chair in suspense, here is my general "recipe" for making the swofford modified bruschetta:
**i'm not awesome at giving recipes, i just kinda cook without paying much attention to amounts or measurements**
1. caramelize onions (which i chop up real tiny, so they really dont exist)
2. add:- bite sized pieces of chicken
(yes, we add chicken, which is probably wrong, but who cares)
-green olives (sliced)
-red pepper
-balsamic vinegar
-s,p, and italian seasoning
-slice grape tomatoes in half, add to mixture after it cooks a bit so they keep their shape
-let all the stuff mix together till desired level of deliciousness

-lightly toast bruschetta bread, which i buy fresh at Sprouts
-pile mixture on bread
-make "yum" and "mmmm" noises while eating
-the end.

if you arent sure about this whole bruschetta thing, watch Julie & Julia. You'll want to make it, and a handful of other things. Happy Thursday!


  1. Yum! Love bruschetta! Pretty sure we ate it everyday for a week after we saw Julie&Julia! ;)