Friday, April 9, 2010

happy birthday coach

today is april 9, which means its coach's birthday! yay he is 3 today!!! we actually just learned his real birthday about a year ago when we moved, we had to request his shot records from the vet his original owner used (we adopted coach when he was about one)--anyway, it had his litter date on it, so we finally found out his actual birthday!!!

we were supposed to have a few friends and their dogs over to grill out tonight, except i managed to get sick on the drive home from lubbock, somewhere between abilene and dallas. grrrrrr! i mean, really? my throat hurts so bad i cant even talk. poor coach, he's missing his birthday party. drew says its okay, he wont be mad if we have to reschedule.

oh well, maybe i can find coach a cake like this one: 

yeah, truthfully i probably wont do that, i may get some cupcakes for our friends at the party-- but we really dont give coach "people food" very often, and i dont know where a doggy bakery is around here (would i really go if i did know of one,????) anyway, i do want to find some party hats though, how cute would that be....... very cute!

so, everyone send your happy thoughts to our precious coach. once i'm over this awful throat/nose/ears situation i'll have the cook-out party rescheduled! happy birthday coach tchoupitoulas!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Coach! There used to be a doggie bakery in downtown McKinney, but I think they closed. I bet there's one around here somewhere! Feel better soon!

  2. There is a dog bakery in Snider Plaza by SMU. I don't think they do cakes, but they do dog cookies, etc. Happy Birthday Coach!

  3. Happy Birthday, Coach!

  4. Happy Birthday, Coach! Your Mimi and Pop love you!