Monday, April 12, 2010

behind the scenes

i dont know why i thought that at my own wedding, i'd get to see everything. NO, this is so not the case. as the bride: you're pretty much stuck back in the "get ready" room until go time. so, for today's installment of wedding pics, i'll share what went on behind the scenes.

in hindsight, i'd have done some things differently. like 1) my mother was right, you do need lines in the sign in book. and 2) not wear brand new shoes to the rehearsal dinner (ouch) and 3) take 30 seconds and look at the reception room, after all the planning... i barely even saw it, everything is such a blurrrrr! anyway, back to #1... the sign in book, i decided to do a coffee table album with pics of us for our sign in book. it was absolutely gorgeous, all the pics of the detail things (the lace of my dress, my pearls, our rings, my shoes...ect... you get the idea) so then people could sign in around the pictures. mama wanted lines for people to sign, i didnt, i wanted it to be artsy and discombobulated. high five to me for using that word, huh??? --- like i said, in hindsight, lines would have been better.

some people wanted to write you a little note, some people wanted to write you a novel, and some people just sign their name... needless to say, 1 book + 400 guests = a really long line to sign into the wedding. finally, they had to just close the book and send people upstairs to the ballroom, where our ceremony was. but in the meantime......

all us ladyfolk in the back room needed some entertaining, so what do i do??? i told a fairy tale story about a princess who lived in a pink castle, with a really big closet, and lots of shoes. i'm sure i embellished a bit more than that... but i think my bridesmaids got a kick out of it. pictures below:
i'm not sure how i did it, but i managed to incorporate the happy hands crew from napoleon dynamite into my story, awesomeness!

and then, almost time, we had a little toast to the wedding, a little prayer over our marriage, and touch up the lips... then we were finally allowed out of the dungeon (okay, i'm embellishing again) rather, we left the get ready room, and headed up.... it was time for the wedding to start!!! yay!

happy monday everyone!

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