Saturday, April 10, 2010

the ladyfolk of the wedding

wedding month is back on! phew!

alright, i just have to say... my dear sweet girlfriends are FABulous and oh so very BEAutiful. i love all my b's (thats what we all call each other, its a long very sketchy story, but basically we all have a b in our name somewhere, except me, but since i was the bride, i got my b...i realize that sounds insane weird, but we all get it and it works for us)

so, first my amazing ladies took me to atx for my bachelorette party, which was a blast, and i really wanted to cry and throw a tantrum when it was over, because i was just not finished hanging out with the girls. monica didnt get to come, we missed her face! they got us these fun masks to wear out, and lauren (la-b) said i had to wear the "tease" one because i like to tease my hair. i'm a texas girl, yes i do like my big hair!!! haha, anyway... here we are all dolled up.

getting ready for the wedding was oh so very much fun. we all have so many stories and jokes, its like chaos, but the really good kind of chaos! its a bit more labor intensive for the ladies to get ready than the menfolk, and each of my girls had a different shade of hot pink nail polish on their toes, till i finally found the right one, hahaa!

and yes, of course... the hair!!!!!!! Paige at davidson-taylor did my hair, she's fantastic! i absolutely loved it! i told her, make it really big and do whatever you want to do, so this is what i ended up with, loved it! (sorry the pic is kinda distorted) i told each of my bridesmaids they could wear their hair however they liked it best, so they were each different, and they all looked gorgeous. we all wore pretty fresh flowers in our hair!
and, it was so fun: i got to do my maid-o-h's (libby) hair, we were cracking up because we both forgot to have her change clothes, so i told her i'd just cut that awful longhorn t-shirt off her! it was really special for me to do her hair, its sentimental. i've done her hair for other special occasions, and i wanted to be sure i did it for the wedding too!  

and i did our sweetheart little flower girl's hair too! she got to wear a little bit of make up (like the big girls) -- she was precious! and oh my goodness, that dress! her dress was a big huge poweder puff of pink tulle, the cutest thing i've ever seen!

here's monica putting in my flower, and me fixing my (matron-o-h) mama's hair

the hair was fabulous, my girls looked absolutely gorgeous, and we all had an incredible time hanging out and getting all done up. i love my girlfriends. i am so blessed.
more pre-ceremony pics coming soon, there are soooo many!

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  1. I just had to say I LOVE your snazzy blog! The colors are fantastic!