Friday, April 2, 2010

the menfolk of the wedding

alrightie, i promised you wedding pics this month... i shall deliver. here you have the boys getting ready for the ceremony. i have to admit, they have it was easier as far as getting ready goes, they just rent the suit and throw in some black shoes (we bought them their shirts/ties-pink ties, of course!) and then they show up, dressed and ready to go.... and ...hang out. ??? as you'll see in the next post or so, it was a bit more labor intensive for the girls.

so, here they are, what a charming group of men! andrew has great friends/family! cheers to: james evans, peter loudis, beaux brownlow, gabe hall, bill cohen, tommy tritz, matt holmes, alexander camp, jason swofford, randy swofford, mason swofford, landon swofford, jackson brownlow, and adam probst, who was unable to make it, due to the birth of his gorgeous twin daughters---but we definitely consider still a groomsman!

and the news: i'm thinking i'll keep you dangling a bit longer...... is the suspense killing you yet?

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