Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new on etsy

a high school friend of mine asked me to do these for her sisters-soon-to-be-baby boy!!! i dont get a lot of orders for baby boy stuff, so its always fun. i've got a few things on my etsy site!  his name is going to be Lane, here is what the canvases look like all together:

and then, you can see the details of each one:

the bedding is blue/green/white argyle like the "L" canvas, so since argyle is pretty busy... i came up with a couple other backgrounds to play up each color. also, baby Lane's mommy wanted some grey incorporated. Aunt C says mommy is going to hang stuffed animal deer heads (like mounted ones) in the nursery, how cute is that??? i've seen them at My Cup of Tea (a baby store in LBK) and they're so fun!!! i bet baby Lane is going to have a super decked out room, congrats P.Scott!

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