Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a little tuesday change

well, if i blogged every time i changed my haircolor, i'd probably have no followers, because you all dont want to know that i added 4 lowlites (which i did on thursday) and how often i "throw in a little more blonde" -- because well, i change my haircolor about as often as i change our sheets. so, needless to say it could get redundant.  here are a few of my haircolors over the past few years, from black to platinum. pictorial evidence below:

                              i only kept the pink a couple weeks

the red was just for halloween, i was poison ivy & drew was mr freeze     
 (not one of the blue man group members)
(ps. sorry you had to endure the photo shrine of me, myself, and my hair)

BUT- this morning, i did something i dont do often, i gave myself a little cut. (sidenote: just because i'm a hairstylist, dosent mean i get regular haircuts, i actually really dislike cutting my hair, my mama does it for me about every 4 months)

so, ignore the horrible lighting in our bathroom, and the fact that i've done zero decorating so you cant even see anything exciting in the background... oh yeah, and the fact that i look like i'm 12, and the stupid face i'm making... but here are my new side bangs.

i dont much care for bangs, mostly because i dont like my hair touching me (why do i have long hair ? who knows) but i think i needed a change, its been a while since i've had them. i always judge my hair, by how it looks in pictures (is that stupid) so, i went back to the side bang because i like my hair in this picture:
do i plan on going this blonde? No.
but thats just today, i could change my mind in a week.

what is YOUR favorite hair color on YOU?????


  1. I love you as a blonde! When can I come see you and your new salon?!

  2. My favorite color is whatever you decide to do to my hair....as if my telling you what I want would make any difference! I've loved them all!

  3. Hey girlie! I was wondering what days you are working this week? I have a co worker who needs a hair cut and I thought of you. What are your salons prices? And if you are not working today what do you charge to cut hair at home? I will get you some business girl! email me sarastewart@celinaisd.com