Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i do realize that we are now in the year 2010, but thats not what this post is about. gotcha!!! haha, jk! i have 20 followers! yay me, i'm amazed 20 people like to read about my crazy life and my weird habits, so i'm feeling pretty popular right now. so, in honor of this incredible accomplishment... i give you:
10 random things about me!

1. i could sit down and eat an entire bag of baked lays in one sitting,
which is why i never buy them at the store.
2. i love chalkboards!!!
3. when i was little, we had a pet parakeet named Sugar, who died on April Fools Day. thats pretty sad when you're in 2nd grade.
4. i like to ask Drew for things i know he will never agree to, like for him to get me penguins, like these little cuties:
5. i'm really good at the card game Nertz!
6. i own hot pink suede knee high boots, and yes... they're fabulous.
7. my favorite number is 3

8. in 9th grade, my friend Kendra and i participated in the French Festival Talent Show, for some really insane reason, because... well, i have no talent (that can be done on a stage) but Kendra, well, she's a fabulous singer. She sang this beautiful song in french... i played the tambourine. yikes!!!! We won first place. I take ZERO credit for that.
9. i regularly forget which side of my car the gas tank is on.
and last but not least,
10. i LOVE the movie Simon Birch! i think little simon is such a cutie-patutie!!! i always wanted to mail him little special made clothes, is that weird?

thanks all for following me! happy tuesday!

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