Sunday, April 11, 2010

ladyfolk of the wedding part two

now that we've got our hair done up and our dresses on... lets get to the really pretty pictures! brittany found this fantastic wall for us to do our pics in front of, i guess it used to be red, and had faded... to a perfect red-ish/pink (in my head, the wall was painted pink just for me, i'll just keep letting myself believe that) anyway: here are my gorgous friends, love to you all Libby, Diana, Emily, Monica, and Lauren. and sweet little taylor-bug and isabella, who were the darlingest jr bridesmaid/flower girls you ever did see!

yes, i'm totally giggling!

here is a full view of little miss isabella's flower girl dress, i loved her dress, i want one in my size!!!

a fun little tidbit about my bridesmaids: i decided that each lady should carry a different bouquet of pink flowers. each bouquet completely fit their personalities, and then mine was an assortment of all the flowers, and feathers. ohhhh i love feathers!!! anyway, here are the girls bouquets: libby (moh) carried lillies, because they're my favorite! lauren carried tulips, because they're her favorite, emily carried these funky spider lillies (you usually see them in green or white, i really dont know what they're called, but i always love them, "they're splodin" haha, eb is totally cracking up at me right now) that my florist dyed pink, because they're the most original/fire cracker looking flower-- and emily is bursting with joy, she's insane fun! diana carried medium pink roses, because she is so classic and glamorous, monica carried hot pink roses, because she always wears hot pink lipstick--they made me think of her! and miss taylor bug carried gerber daisies, they're fun and sweet, just like her! and little missy isabella sprinkeled pink feathers instead of flowers when she walked down the isle, it was absolutely perfect!


  1. That wall really is a perfect background. You all look so beautiful!!

  2. You are seriously the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, like for real. Love the pics!